Elton at Chester le Street, Uk, on June, 10th

An english friend of mine, Jim, was at the concert, here is his revue and pictures

Saturday night in Durham was as expected...fantastic.  The full set list was as other shows :

The show started in glorious sunshine and the atmosphere was great.  The music as ever was top notch with Rocket Man and They Call her the Cat amongst the highlights for me. Elton dedicated the latter to the Trinidad & Tobago football team for their great result in holding Sweden to a draw. He said the song was about a sex change but that wasn't inplying anything about Trinidad & Tobago.  After Sacrifice a lot of fans, including me, got to the front of the stage and after Crocodile Rock Elton started signing autographs.  He went the full length of the stage and I got my programme autographed. He even signed more items later on..it is not often I have seen him sign after two songs. If you have read the review on Hercules you will have totally the wrong impression of Elton

Nigel was on top form posing, smiling and winking everytime the cameraman came near him

At the end of the concert we saw Elton's helicopter take off and fly over the ground, presumably headed home.

On a personal note, my local school was having a fete on the following day and one of the organisers, my neighbour, wrote to Elton to ask him to open it.  Although he declined he sent the school 60 tickets for the show and items to raffle for charity.  He has received very favourable local TV coverage as a result.