Sir Elton John, elements of an icon :

NB : Traduction en français très bientôt disponible

I was in New York last week and was lucky enough to be able to visit the “Elements of an Icon” exhibition at the Time Warner Centre.  The exhibition was in three parts.

The main room exhibits were mainly of posters and other memorabilia whilst two video screens showed why Elton is indeed an Icon (Dream Ticket Disc 4 was playing during my visit) and his music played in the background (not the same as on video).

There was also 4 original Elton stage costumes from the 70s to the 90s displayed individually in glass cases.

Each costume accompanied by a photo of Elton performing in it.

The centrepiece was a Red Piano.

I was particularly impressed by the 5 display walls of posters, as there were many I had only ever seen photos of.

There were also display cabinets featuring assorted items such as tour programmes and passes. 

Some of which, I was happy to say are in my own collection.

To my surprise, I was disappointed by the stage costumes, which looked very worn and for me lacked any character without the presence of the performer.

I was more impressed by the accompanying photos of Elton.  This was particularly strange because I was impressed by a display of Lestat costumes that was downstairs from the main exhibits.


Also on display were a number of photos through the years, some very familiar e.g. Dodger Stadium, Elton and Bernie outside a Paris cafe but also the odd gem such as a young Elton & Bernie sitting cross legged


In a separate room there was a collection of Bernie Taupin paintings.  I don’t regard myself as an art critic, suffice to say they were not to my taste, sorry.


The final room was dedicated to Lestat, which was being previewed on Broadway and there was the opportunity to see some short clips of the show.  There were also two displays of costumes from the show.  Personally, I think it looked very promising and look forward to seeing the show in full.

All in all it was a unique experience, particularly wandering the main room listening to Blessed, Nikita, Tiny Dancer  and reminiscing about the memories, from over 30 years of being an Elton John fan, that a specific poster or piece of memorabilia had for me.